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Banana Flour

Banana Flour
Banana flour is a powder traditionally made from peeled unripe bananas that are chopped, dried and ground green banana(Unriped Banana). This process can be completed traditionally by hand, where the bananas are sun dried, dried in an oven, or a residential food dryer, and then either ground in a mortar and pestle or with a mechanical grinder. The green banana process requires 8–10 kg of raw green bananas to produce 1 kg of banana flour.
Historically, As early as 1900 banana flour was sold in Central America beneficial for those with stomach problems and pains. Banana flour has been used in Haitian, Jamaican, West African, and Central American cooking, green banana flour can be used as any other grain-free flour, in anything from pastas to breads to cakes cheaper gluten-free replacement to wheat flour.

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