Burdock Root Tea

Burdock Root Tea

Burdock Root Tea

The root of the Burdock plant is used for its medicinal properties in Chinese medicine. They grow in dense forests. They can grow around the year. The root is the edible portion where it can be consumed fresh as a vegetable as well. Due to its innumerable benefits, they are now consumed in different forms.

Origin and cultural Significance

Burdock Root is native to Asia and Europe . They have been growing wild since ancient times. Then it was brought to America in the 1800's and is now grown across all regions of the world. Burdock root plays a major role in Japanese cuisine. The plant has been used as a medicine for various ailments since the Ming Dynasty. Their use has been recorded in The compendium of Materia Medica. While most of Chinese medicines are difficult to obtain , Burdock is easily cultivated making it accessible at a reasonable price.

What does the Burdock root do?

Burdock root has major components Flavonoids and Lignans responsible for potential health benefits.

Diuretic Nature :  Burdock root possesses a diuretic property that will help to release toxins from the body. They will also help to purify blood.They can also reduce internal body heat.

Anti-bacterial Property: The antibacterial property of this root can help to treat biofilm, a bacteria. A 2015 study states that Burdock can treat biofilm related Urinary tract infection. A research published in 2017 says they can also treat other types of bacteria.

Treating Diabetes: A study confirms that burdock root would prevent high blood glucose.

Treat Infections: Burdock has been used in the treatment of tonsillitis , sore throat , cold . They can also cure certain oral infections as they limit the growth of bacteria.

How to take Burdock?

The root of Burdock can be eaten fresh just like Potato . You can prepare different dishes out of them as they are rich in fiber. Other than that , powdered burdock can be taken as a supplement. They can also be taken as pills or applied in the form of oil.

Burdock tea is the most favourable option . They have an earthy smell and pleasant taste. To prepare a burdock tea , chop the roots once you buy them. Dry roast or dry them in sunlight. Boil them in water for 5-10 minutes. Let them cool . It is optional to add lemon or honey to the drink to improve the flavour. Please limit to a cup a day.


Burdock root can cause allergic reactions in certain people. Please consult your physician if you have food allergies. They must only be taken in levels. Too much intake can have a negative reaction. Please avoid consuming if you are pregnant or nursing women and hypotension as they have blood pressure lowering qualities.

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