How to make valerian Root Tea

How to make Valerian Root Tea

How To Make Valerian Root Tea
-2 teaspoons of valerian root (fresh, dried or powdered)
-2 cups of water (filtered)
-1 teaspoon of honey or sugar/Coconut Sugar Optional
Step 1 – Heat the water to a simmer, but do not boil it,The water should be warm, not hot.
Step 2 – Add the valerian root to the water and cover the pot.
Step 3 – Allow the root to steep for at least 3-5 minutes; you can wait for as long as 30 minutes to ensure that all the nutrients are released into the water.
Step 4 – Strain the mixture and add honey or sugar(Optional), as valerian root tea can be quite bitter, particularly after steeping the root for a long time.
Step 5 – Enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of tea!
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