Everyone's Medicine is Poisonous for Someone

Everyone's Medicine is Poisonous for Someone

herbal tea bad for everyone?
Many people around the world moving towards herbal teas as a natural healing options. But still few of them are not ready to accept the fact that the herb works as a medicine.
All natural plant have their own phytochemical synthesis of their biological nature.

Each plant phytochemical helps to relief from disease and paves for healthy living.
Herbal plants are natures biggest gift from ancient days. A remedy we started to use before invention of the term clinical trials.
Every Herbs have their own taste some are sweet, spicy, sour, even bitter and strongly bitter taste as well.

At the same time each and every individual have different biological system to digest and absorb these herbs as it's based on their own hormone function

Anyone can have herbal tea as a remedy but cannot get same result for all ..It may work for person A and may not work for person B...if it's not working properly for person B means the herbal teas are not effective, even clinically proven allopathic medicine doesn't work 100% for everyone. 

Herbal tea as natural remedy may work for person to person, based on their own biological system.

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