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Tea in India

Tea In india
Tea is India's national drink.
Tea-16th centurey started to drink the tea in india but unclear data
After 18th century British colonists noticed that tea plants with thicker leaves also grew in Assam, and these, when planted in India, responded very well. they brought into commercialize to nowadays tea culture.
Tea culture in india
Cha, tea, cutting chai, chai, masala chai, Black tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, white tea, ginger tea, Garam chai, Tandoori chai, amut tulya(mumbai,maharastra), irani chai, butter chai, sulaimani chai (specially in malabar region they make black tea with lemon and spices), kahwa chai (in kashmir made with Green tea with spices), pure Herbal Tea, iced tea, kombucha(Recent years) – you know it by many names here in India
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