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Nettle tea

Nettle Leaf Tea 25gm

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Look to Explore the world and Travel more...Always take him with you...!!! One second can make many changes in life.. And whatever...Changes happen in life and we should adapt to those changes.. So, Here we have Nettle leaf tea- that has the ability to treat toxic bites and skin allergies, skin diseases and also treats ulcer, severe cough, running nose that happens due to our environment change and makes us feel more comfortable in any moment and accept to those changes Wherever you go the best Companion for your health will be Nettle with you.. So Always have him in your travel bag buddy... 

Net Weight-25Gm

Ingredients- Nettle Leaves

Steeping Notes

Consume with Water 
1Tsp | 1Cup | 80-100°C | 3mins
Resteep 2 Times


Caffeine Contents- Caffeine Free