Why we do not use Tea bags?

Flavor: Loose leaf tea generally allows for a richer and more complex flavor because the leaves have more room to expand and release their full potential. Tea bags can restrict the leaves, limiting the flavor extraction.

Variety: Loose leaf tea comes in a wider variety of types and blends, allowing for more unique and personalized tea experiences. Tea bags often contain lower-quality tea dust or fannings, which may not offer the same taste or health benefits.

Health: Some tea bags, especially those with plastic seals, may release microplastics into your tea when steeped. Additionally, loose leaf tea often allows you to see the quality of the leaves, which can be helpful for ensuring they are not processed or bleached.

Sustainability: Loose leaf tea often has less packaging than individually wrapped tea bags, which can be more environmentally friendly. You can also reuse loose leaves multiple times for added sustainability.

Ritual: Using loose leaf tea can be a more involved and ritualistic experience compared to simply dunking a tea bag. Some people enjoy the process of measuring, steeping, and pouring loose leaf tea, finding it relaxing and meditative.

Of course, tea bags also have their advantages. They are very convenient and require minimal cleanup. They are also generally more affordable than loose leaf tea.

Ultimately, the choice between loose leaf tea and tea bags is a personal one. 

I hope this information is helpful!

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