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Banana flour

Raw Green Banana Flour-Poovan (Mysore AAB) Variety

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Banana flour is a powder traditionally made of green bananas. Historically, banana flour has been used in Africa and Jamaica as a cheaper alternative to wheat flour. And it contains Rich Resistant starch (RS). The RS not digested in Stomach instead digested in the colon and supply energy to Probiotics by this process less glucose released to blood. This is suitable for babies, Aged people, also suitable for pregnancy women, Breastfeeding woman and Diabetic patient.

Poovan is one of the varieties of banana, Poovan is maximum Quantity cultivated in Tamil Nadu Region.

Recipes from Banana Flour



-Enrich your chapathi and Roti (10%)

-Mix with Idly and Dosa Batter (10-30% banana Flour)